Recommended for:

First time managers, Managers with some experience

About this course

This course will give participants a good understanding of what it means to be a leader and help them cross over from a manager to leader. Participants will gain an insight into their own natural leadership style, while exploring the different leadership styles and approaches to use in different situations to get the desired outcome. This course includes models and techniques for them to understand and manage themselves in order to lead others effectively.

This course will look at different coaching techniques, as well as development tools to develop skills for different teams with varying needs. After completing this course, participants will have the confidence and understanding of leadership which will prepare them for the next stage of their career.

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand the difference between a manager and leader and how they can be both effectively
  • Understand how leadership and values come together to create the culture in your business
  • Explore different Leadership styles and identify what leadership style they naturally have, as well as what they have to do to adapt a more agile leadership style
  • Learn how to unlock a person’s potential to maximise their performance through coaching

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