Recommended for:

General Managers, HR/L&D Leaders and Business Partners, Management at all levels, Operations & Area managers

About this course

Some people would argue that we are in a retention crisis and not a recruitment crisis. We are 30% down on skill levels compared to 2019 and talent is leaving faster than we are able to fill vacancies. This course has been created with this dilemma in mind. Being able to attract and retain talented people is essential as our industry revolves around people, be it guests or our teams. Improving retention makes business sense from reputation to sales to service experience and the list goes on. Creating a great place to work within the means of what you as a manager can control, supports a healthy culture which in turn, attracts further talent.

In this course participants will learn what motivates and demotivates their team members. They will gain the knowledge, skills and techniques that will empower them to make the crucial change to retain talent. Taking inspiration from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, this course explores how Mangers can better support their Employee’s needs within the workplace.

Learning Outcome:

  • You will gain a full understanding of what motivates people and utilise this to keep your team engaged.
  • You will be equipped with tools and techniques to implement in your place of work that will help drive retention
  • You will be able to use the skills and knowledge you have learned to build stronger relationships within your team, so that they feel included, valued and supported.
  • You will be ready to create and maintain a positive working culture that cares for your people’s needs

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