Recommended for:

Deputy Managers, Heads of Department, HR/L&D Leaders and Business Partners, Operations & Area managers, Senior Chefs, Senior managers

About this course

Even though the name of this course is time management, arguably you cannot manage time, what you can do is manage how you use the time available to you. As senior managers in the business there never seems to be enough time, which can be stressful for both you and those you work with.

In this course participants will look at how to plan their time, prioritise their tasks, manage a team for projects and delegate. This is a practical course where participants will be able to experiment with the tools that are introduced, enabling them to plan and use their time more effectively, delivering projects on time whilst still managing stress levels for themselves and others.

Learning Outcome:

  • Learn to effectively manage your tasks and prioritize them accordingly
  • Be able to reduce and control interruptions that prevent you from achieving your deadlines
  • Understand and overcome the obstacles of delegation and effectively use the PYWWYP model
  • Learn how to use ARCI to clarify roles, responsibilities and accountabilities

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